When corona started and the city streets were empty, I thought it’d be nice if I went around Thessaloniki on my bike with a camera and try to capture things I found interesting. This quickly evolved from things I found interesting to places I found interesting. Like when playing a video game, I would see places far away in the distance and wonder if I could get there, and I’d always try to use a different path on subsequent visits.

During my trips I made sure to plant a virtual flag in GMaps, so that I knew exactly where I had previously been. East, west, north, close to the city, or far away, each flag is a place where I knew I was somewhere I had never been before.

At some point I found that photos didn't capture all that was. Hence, on my little excursions I also captured a lot of second-long clips. They were meant to capture the movement (or lack thereof) as well as the ambient sound - two things that seem almost like the salt & pepper that photos need a lot of times. The video attached on the top of this page is a fun little way of displaying those clips, and showing 2 years-or-so of wandering around.