Voby. can be found under this link: https://voby.tsdim.net/

Remember: This project is in its early stages - a lot of polish & love is required before this can be described as a full-fledged product.

Taking vocabulary notes while learning another language is not always easy. You will probably have some words written in one notebook, some scattered around the different books you use, some on some other notebook. So what happens if you want to check if you’ve stumbled on a word in the past? Or if you’re sure you’ve written some examples using this word before but you can’t just find them. Or if you just can’t remember that damn word that was oh-so similar to the other one.

Voby.’s primary function is to solve those exact problems by allowing users to maintain simple sets of vocabulary. Although not currently implemented in the MVP, Voby is gonna be expanded with multiple search functionalities to allow users to find exactly what they are looking for, but it is also gonna feature automations & suggestions to allow users to quickly grow their vocabulary, and support them advance their language learning skills to the next level!